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Hi, are you looking for an SMSF accountant to help taking back control and flexibility of your super? We’re here to assist you to achieve the retirement lifestyle you worked hard for. 

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SMSF set up including Trust Deeds, Consents to Act, Membership Applications, Beneficiary and TFN Notices, ABN, TFN and GST Registration.

smsf accounting

SMSF Accounting

SMSF Accounting comprises bookkeeping, preparation of Balance Sheet, Profit + Loss and Members Statements, to ensure compliance with the SMSF legislation.

smsf tax return

SMSF Tax Return

Preparation and lodgement of SMSF Tax Return, Provision of SMSF audit online (due to Covid-19) and in person via third party auditor situated in Melbourne.

smsf actuarial certificate

SMSF Actuarial Certificate

An actuarial certificate is obtained by an SMSF accountant to ascertain how much of SMSF's fund's earnings are derived from its members' pension & accumulation phases.

smsf corporate trustee

SMSF Corporate Trustee

Our SMSF Accountants Melbourne can set up a company to act as a Corporate Trustee and provide secretarial services when required.

smsf accountant

SMSF Administration Service

We use web-based accounting to allow you to check your investments + transactions in real time. This makes year-end compliance much quicker and cost effective.

8 SMSF BENEFITS of an self-managed super fund:

  1. Tax Concessions:
    • Members can contribute concessional contribution (dollars before tax) through salary sacrificing.
    • Earnings on income & capital gains are taxed at 15% flat rate if your SMSF is a complying super fund.
    • Members aged 60yo or older don’t pay tax on pension benefits or lump sum.
  1. Property Tax Benefits: Complying SMSF are entitled to a capital gains discount of 1/3 if the relevant asset has been held for 12 months or more.
  1. Investment Control: Members have significant control, flexibility, security over the fund and its investments & assets.
  1. Investment Choice: Members are able to diversify the fund’s assets including, cash, shares, real estate, derivatives, unit trusts etc.
  1. Cost Effective: Instead of each member paying separate fees to alternative super fund, an SMSF allow you to consolidate up to 4 members hence only a collective fee is paid.
  1. Transparency: SMSFs gives you the full transparency and visibility over your money as you have significant control over the fund and its investments and assets performance and tax treatments.
  1. Flexibility: SMSFs allow multiple members to operate a mixture of pension and accumulation accounts. You’ll be able to adjust your investment mix as when suits you, allowing for a fast response to changes in market conditions, super rules or personal circumstances.
  1. Consolidation of your Super: A trustee is allowed to combine their superannuation assets with up to three other members, such as with a partner or family members.

Consolidate super means moving all of an individual’s super into one fund account. Consolidating super accounts immediately creates a larger fund balance, which increases the fund’s assets and investment opportunities.

A trustee is allowed to combine their superannuation assets with up to three other members, such as with a partner or family members.

Why you should consolidate your super:

  • Makes your super easier to manage
  • save money by only paying one set of fees
  • keep track of your super balance easier
  • have less paperwork
Find out more about super funds consolidation at
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Our SMSF Accountant would recommend that it is vital you understand the following pros and cons of establishing an SMSF:

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